Art Journaling

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 While creating abstract art is my passion, art journaling is the love of   my life. I want to share the love, otherwise what is life for?  

 Like the yogi practices every day, so does the dedicated art   journalist. This is not art therapy. It's not meditation, nor a deep dive into what's on your mind.  After over a dozen years of leading  creativity workshops, I've found out the true benefits of art journaling   in ways you never thought possible. Whether you're an experienced   artist, or never picked up a paint brush or glue, I can show you how to begin your art journaling practice to realize the full benefits of this  easy, and economical, art activity. You just need to know where to  start. 


3 hour or full day workshops available. All supplies provided. Private Consultations by  appointment via Zoom or in person. 

 A great option for Wellness Centres, Schools, Youth Groups,   Community Groups, Rehab Centres, Hospitals, Respite Facilities,   Ladies Nights, Friend Groups, etc.