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making hay

I am among the most fortunate: while I lost my job due to Covid, I can still eat, keep my car, buy necessities, and in a small way support others through donations and small business purchases. I hope it's enough. While I would like to say I've been given a "gift" of time during our time in lockdown, it's not a gift. It's a duty we've all been ask to perform, and I'm taking that seriously.

However, making hay while the sun shines, (or art-ing with the extra time) means that I'm creating more of my own individual work than ever. While I treat myself to new supplies every few months, I'm finding the same satisfaction from painting on recyclable paper bags and old wood scraps with old ink from White Rose and pencil crayons.

Before "the thing that happened", journaling to me was something I did when it rained, when I had only a full two hours to spare, or when I was trying out a new technique to share in my workshops. Art journaling has become a daily routine, now, and I'm thinking I never want to change that. I've learned how to make sure I'm prepared to journal, and not have excuses, such as lack of backgrounds prepared, or the need for a new paint colour. I'm not alone...

Folks are discovering their inner creativity like never before, and it makes my heart happy to see new skills being learned and applied. Despite the negativity it may receive in, ironically, the media — social media can be used for good, and for helping, and inspiring. And man, some of the posts I see are gold: "I've never done this before", or, "This looks like crap, but ...". People are trying something new AND feeling safe enough to share their feelings about their work. Lockdown has that effect, as we look for new ways to connect.

While my real wish is to be able to have my peeps back at the studio, where we can really jam about journaling, I'm continuing to make hay. The field is still a bit rough, and needs some attention. So I'll hoe my rows and wait for better conditions, for surely they will come.

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