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Valerie May is a self-taught abstract artist. After leaving her corporate job 20 years ago, she revisited the world of art that she had left behind and fell in love with creating all over again. She offers her works for sale, participates in art shows, and offers public and private creativity workshops to kids, adults, and special needs.


Valerie takes care to ensure every workshop guest feels nurtured and supported as they explore their art. 

When not creating, Valerie loves to photograph the natural world, and is happiest with dirt on her boots and wind in her hair. She lives in a small Ontario town with her husband and son.  

"I love that my work is an evolution, rather than a carefully planned execution. It allows the transfer of direct emotion in the moment, and the freedom to switch direction should it miss its mark. When art re-entered my life, I found my true soul." - Valerie May



Heathers Bakery, Georgetown, ON / (Painted Paddles) February 2024

Baysville Arts and Crafts Festival, Baysville, ON/ August 2023 

Oakville Art Society, Art in the Park / August 2023

Locally Grown Group Exhibition 2023 / Helson Gallery

Heather's Bakery, Georgetown, ON March 2023 solo exhibition

Art Battle - Hamilton, Ontario 2022

 Locally Grown Group Exhibition 2022 / Helson Gallery

Heather's Bakery, Georgetown, ON / July 2021 (solo), May 2022 (group) 

Re-Emergence: New Works by Artists of Halton Hills - Culture Days 2021 / Helson Gallery 

Holiday Show and Sale - Halton Hills Public Library, Georgetown Branch 2021

Art Battle - Alton, Ontario 2019

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