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Valerie May is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. After leaving her corporate job 20 years ago, she revisited the world of art that she had left behind. After initial forays into acrylic landscape artworks shared with family and friends, she turned to art materials that by nature could transform a work with a stroke of a brush, pen, varnish, or heat. Mixed media works on canvas emerged, along with fused glass creations using her garage kiln, nicknamed Bender.  

"I love that a mixed media work is an evolution, rather than a carefully planned execution. It allows the transfer of direct emotion in the moment, and the freedom to switch direction should it miss its mark. When art re-entered my life, I found my true soul." - Valerie May


Mental wellness and healing through art is meant to be shared. She leads creativity workshops for kids and adults so that everyone can share in the joy of creating without judgement.

Info: Instagram: @art_journal_with_me


Heather's Bakery, Georgetown, ON / July 2021 (solo), May 2022 (group) 

Re-Emergence: New Works by Artists of Halton Hills - Culture Days 2021 / Helson Gallery 

Holiday Show and Sale - Halton Hills Public Library, Georgetown Branch 2021

Art Battle - Alton, Ontario 2019