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How Covid brought me to Digital Main Street

I've signed up for Digital Main Street, a Canadian government-backed initiative for artists who are struggling during Covid. I've had a job loss due to Covid, but Digital Main Street is helping us with website development, and marketing our wares and expertise to the world. While Bent Tree Arts has been around for a while, I'm just at the starting line. Stay tuned for some technique demonstrations that I'm now able to record on my wicked new Iphone, some fun while I examine living artists who are shredding it out there right now, some past artists who've helped shape our Canadian culture, and given us glimpses into Indigenous teachings.

Also on my site, I'll be offering tiny art lessons (lesson-ettes?) on how to add art to your life, without even lifting a sketching pencil or paintbrush.

Plus, and this is the biggest of the big, I'm currently studying The Flow State, a theory published by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and how it can assist in our everyday lives, and perhaps dramatically change others. Stay tuned.

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